Facial Fest
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Abby Lane
A perfect ass, nice tits, and a beautiful smile doesn't make you a princess. That is exactly what our latest gag victim found out. She walked in with a smile and ran out crying. She thought she could do porn the way she wanted to and make some easy money. We showed her how wrong she was. We grabbed her head and started face fucking her like there was no tomorrow and landed this slut with a pretty little facial. What a fucking whore.
Alexa James
This right here is what we're all about here. This one babe was a stuck up little slut with one hell of a potty mouth on her. That goes against everything we stand for and we needed to lay some serious smack down. The sad part is that this chick actually thought we'd listen to her when she said, "no" obviously she doesn't know that "no" isn't in our vocabulary. By the time we were done with her the attitude was gone and she was another humiliated whore.
Alexia Rae
She's never gagged on a cock before, but there's a first time for everything! Who better then to teach this little whore what it's all about. We don't really think she had any idea what she had gotten herself into and she seemed a bit nervous to begin with. Once we started shoving cock down her throat she didn't have much of a choice but to sit there and fucking take it. Of course this bitch cried like the rest of these sluts, they think they're tough until we get them.
Ariel Teens
She claimed to be the cock sucking queen of North Carolina, how do you think we took that? We had to put it to the test so we told her to get on her fucking knees and open wide. We had this little bitch crying within seconds! All it took was our cock shoved down the back of her throat. It's a good thing there weren't any other objects nearby or they would be down her fucking throat too. At least she had the decency to open wide for our big fat load of cum, now swallow!
These girls really get taught all about what gagging and choking is all about
Ella Marie
What is up with sluts and attitude? I mean these girls really think they are the best because they are slutty enough to get naked in front of a camera. We showed this girl what we were was really about, nothing but pure deepthroating, hardcore face fucking, and rough gagging. Does she still have an attitude? Not in a million years buddy.
This girl is a complete moron, it's a good thing all we had her to do was open her mouth & shut the fuck up because that's about all she could do. Why is it all girls think they give the best blowjobs? The best blowjobs can only happen when we hold their pathetic little heads down and have them gagging on our fat cocks repeatedly.
Izzy Bella Blu
Add this next victim to the list, she was just another tough girl who thought she was all that. What's with these chicks? They are all stupid whores that only deserve one thing and that's our cock in their mouth. This babe got a mouthful from this guy, we humiliated her and got her to gag so much we thought she was going to puke. She wasn't impressed.
Jasmine Jolie
This cutie thought she was so cute with her little yellow princess panties on. This whore had no idea what she has gotten herself into, we don't care what's on your fucking panties our cock is going straight down your throat, bitch! We pounded this slut in the face over and over, she was begging us to stop, but that's not how it works around here.
All of these babes love to gag on big cock over and over again
Kagney Linn Karter
This hot teen said she was hungry, but the only thing we had in the kitchen was a nice big cock sandwich. Since this little slut already knows she's a dirty girl we had to use extra force in order to reassure her that she is still just a piece of white trash. We barely let her come up for air once she wrapped her lips around our cock. It didn't take long before her mascara was streaming down her face, like we even give a fuck.
Kitty Bella
North Carolina must breed these dirty dumb whores because this is our second one. She had no idea what she was in for and we didn't waste any time with this one. Her cocky attitude lasted about 1 minute before she begged us to stop, do you think we did? Not a chance, this girl needed to be taught a lesson. She didn't know what gagging on a cock was all about when she first walked in through the door, but she'll never forget it now!
Lily Labeau
We had a lot of fun with this one. She thought she was here to make an average porn movie and had no clue what was happening when we grabbed the back of her head and started force fucking her. We had Serenity in every position possible to make sure she got the full face fucking experience. After10 minutes she actually liked having a big black cock down her throat, now that's knowing your role!
Lindy Lane
This very sultry and horny babe didn't the slightest idea of what she was about to get in Facial Fest shoot. She was all trying to be sexy and seductive at first thinking that she was just going for a simple blowjob shoot and that she was all that. But hell no, she got more than that. She never thought that she would be doing the roughest deep throats and gagging on cam. The only thing we're worried about was if she'd swallow.
These are not regular BJ's (blowjobs) these are gag jobs right up in here
Lisa Lexington
This horny and innocent-looking bitch thinks that she's all that when it comes to sucking cocks. She thought that it would be an easy job for her. But boy, was she in for a surprise. She didn't expect to get treated this way. She never thought she'd be gagging so hard over a stiff cock. See her gag in tears & get her mouth stuffed.
Lyla Storm
Another horny and sexy blonde slut falls victim to our guy's big and fat cock. Watch this girl as gets to experience the true meaning of what gagging on cock is. All that rough throat pounding gets her choking and crying, trying to make him stop. She even gets her mouth stuffed with her panties and our guy's cock.
Maya Bazin
She thinks she's a tough babe & that she can take on any cock regardless how big it is. We proved her wrong. This cock-hungry slut was all in tears while choking and gagging on our cock. There was no mercy every time that cock is shoved hard down her throat. This is a real must-see movie and picture series.
Miley Ann
She was a freaky little slut, she said she really loves sucking cock so i gave her what she wants. I fucked her mouth far down her throat that makes her eyes cry and as a grand finale i spurted my sticky cum load on her, and believe me you are going to love it like she did. Her mouth surely was stuffed.
I haven't seen anything as brutal as this since the heel grabbing deepthroats
Miranda Kelly
This next Facial Fest.com episode was awesome. Sweet 19 yr old Jelly gets a rough face-fuck lesson here in this crazy site and believe me she really loves it! This scene makes her so horny and crazy for cock. I'm thinking that she's totally fucking insane right about now.
Missy Woods
This chikadee was a doctors assistant, we gave her a rough throat job, hardcore gagging & mouth fucking that made her almost puke and a massive facial cumshot in the end. She got her facial only at: Facial Fest, the place where girls come to get royally face fucked.
Mulani Rivera
Sue was a 19yrs old Venezuelan hoe and this was just her first time on film. We fucked her throat all the way down and almost puke throughout the entire lesson We make her gag and swallowed a huge stiff cock down her throat till it cummed inside her mouth. What a filthy Mexicana.
Riley Knight
This bitch was a little bit nervous at first, but as we get started, we made her cry and face fuck her really hard. We made her screamed so loud as we fuck her pussy doggy style that lead her to a face full of cum. She begged for the dick and we gave it all to her. She loves the warm juice.
Just look at these girls gagging and gagging like dirty filthy whores
Sasha Stowaway
She was another first timer here in Facial Fest. At first we let her tease us and show her real natural tits. Here's what she did: She deepthroats all the way down and says "Facial Fest" with a dick inside her mouth. It was just so fucking funny to see her doing that. She was so wild.
Shaye Bennett
She was a bit shy when she first came in. She came to us both for money and pleasure but we don't let her get it so easy. We first face fuck her to teach her what gagging really is We made her sucks a dick like a real pro and gets her big mouth full of that salty jizz load.
Simone Lopez
A 22 yrs. old Italian - Spanish babe gets to suck hard large cocks. She gaggs several times and gets drenched in cum. The action ends with massive cumshots blasted all over her face and in her mouth. What a slut, she loves those gag gifts but this was the gift of cum.
Suzanne Kelly
Who'd think this amateur slut would be able to take big cock so deep in her mouth. Deepthroating and gagging at the best way she know. And in the end, massive cum load gets blasted on her pretty face. That face would soon be dancing to the tune of ricky martin's she gags, she gags song.
The babes here really love to blow and they blow cock a lot
Esperanza Gomez
This whore gets throat fucked really hard by a massive dick. She almost puke on the entire gagging scene then gets her pussy pounded hard in different positions that landed to a nasty facial.
Madison Parker
Yet another slut gets humiliated. This slut gets an insanely hardcore face fucking. She puked at the middle of the gagging session then got her pussy fucked, then got her face showered with cum.
Watch this lovely lady learn to suck and deepthroat big dick, we gave her a real huge cock deep inside her mouth. Sticky warm cum gets unleashed over her pretty face. Cum masks are good for the skin.
Chastity Lynn
This gorgeous babe gets to play with a large cock. Gagging, spitting, blowing, licking and deepthroating were just a few of the activities she did. Watch this hottie gets a pound of cum on her face.
What does BJ stand for anyways? It stands for brutal blowjobs of course
Isis Taylor
This quite adorable young hottie deepthroats and gag really hard. We let her lie down and start fucking her mouth, and she never let us down, she sucks cock as if there is no tomorrow. Then she gets her pretty cute face sprayed with goo.
Dani Jensen
This cute slut was totally gets insane after the session, I face fucked her far down her throat and made her almost puke every time i pull her head towards my dick. I fuck her pussy and made her scream until i released my warm thick sperm on her fucking face.
Taylor Thomas
This hoe came to us not knowing what gagging means. So we showed her what gagging is, we put a stiff big dick inside her mouth all the way down to her throat. But the session can't end without face fucking so we rammed her til she got a cumload.
Larissa Dee
This busty babe is a big dick lover, she swallow cock without any hesitation, this bitch is a totally insane gagger. We fucked her throat and her pussy at any unique position we can make and in the end we make her face covered with jizzload.
The girls are new but they sure know how to give a good experienced blowjob
Persia Blue
This babe performed some deep blowjob action in this episode of Facial Fest. She loves sucking on cock while rubbing her pink pussy.
Yasmine Gold
This busty slut gets her mouth totally fucked with a large dick here. She gets a tittyfuck and some mad massive facial cumshot in the end.
Tara Lynn Foxx
She is a nasty slut that thought she was innocent, we gagged her how it is supposed to be done and landed her with a pretty facial :-)
She was a slut that liked to be spanked. We played with her pussy and messed with her tits, later we forced a deepthroat on her.
These babes will surely love to swallow cum and spit it and even swap it
Asa Akira
She was a big boob slut that thought she was in for a simple blowjob, just like the rest. Here we don't play like that. Wonder if she is going to get her throat examined tomorrow.
Heather Vahn
She's a sexy little thing that is going to learn to love the black cock. We had to go easy on her in the beginning because she wasn't used to huge cock but at the end we made her gag.
Lana Violet
She  is a whore that loves the cock, we made her gag and deep throat throughout the whole shoot. I love those nice big boobs. Did she get a facial at the end? Of course!
Amia Miley
She is another white-cock phobic slut. All she said throughout the shoot was, "Too Big". All we saw throughout the shoot was tears in her eyes, she was taking it without a word!
Wow the babes sure do gag choke and vomit when gagging on big dick like this
Do you want to hear about my porn story? Well even if you don't. Here it goes. I meet a girl online and she was such a hot babe. Let me tell you something, she had a really wide butt which makes sex fun because not only her boobies shake but also her booty too. She's not some hot MILF but rather a younger chick who flashes her boobs online. She's got large tits so large they could be natural or could be fake. But man can they shake either way. So do you like my story about my hot girlfriend? I'll tell you more about her suckable boobs later.

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